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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Is my return to the blogging world imminent?

I'm considering blogging again. I haven't been for almost a year, as I was too busy to do it, and quite frankly, Blogging Tories have become so developed and mature now that there's nothing really new for me to say, that isn't on another, more popular Conservative blog.

However, with the new Liberal "Citizen of France" leader Stephane Dion spewing the same old liberal lies, crap, and fear-mongering of his predecessors, I am thinking about coming in again to refute the lies. I've been active on other blogs in the comments sections, so am still considering whether it is necessary for me to have a blog of my own.

In the meantime, may God still bless Stephen Harper (and beer!)

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Yes, I'm alive

God Bless Beer.

God Bless Stephen Harper.

(The above two things being totally unrelated...)

Since the election victory of January 23rd, I have been totally satisfied with the current government. Keep doing what you're doing. Ignore the critics. People respect strong, principled, decision-making government. The total anti-thesis and opposite of your dithering "governing by the polls" predecessors.

McLiar, the Commie Star and Globe.... ignore all of them. Nothing you can do will ever satisfy them.

For the first time in 13 years, I can respect our federal government. Giving responsibility back to the individuals. Enforcing the law with real punishment for criminals and illegal immigrants. No giving in to socialist special interest groups or unions. Respect on the international stage. Respect for provincial powers.

Support the troops in Afghanistan, don't be a Sheehan-like traitor. Anything less than 100% support hurts the morale of the troops and threatens the mission to defeat the terrorists.

Harper, keep on kicking ass!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

13 Days To Go: Mike attacks the other Duffy

The Liberals have just lost any coverage from Mike Duffy. Am watching the post-French debate coverage on CTV Newsnet, and Mike Duffy is asking Liberal spinster John Duffy about the "military in the cities" ad that was pulled. John Duffy questioned Mike's journalistic integrity, and Mike went ballistic. I think the CTV political anchors in general are getting tired of the Liberal arrogance; I've been noticing their agitation with the Liberals spinsters picking up in the last two weeks.

Friday, January 06, 2006

17 Days To Go: Liberals Put Up First Negative Ad

Just like last election with the ads featuring guns, tanks etc., with desperation settling in, the Liberals have just put up their first "demonization of Harper" ads (with more of the same) during the 6 PM newscasts.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

18 Days To Go: Wow. What a change on the UBC ESM

Was it the release today of the Conservative crime platform? The total dismissal by students of the Liberal tutition announcement. Canada winning the gold medal at the World Junior Hockey Championship?

Or the big news of yet ANOTHER RCMP investigation into a Liberal scandal, as announced tonight on CTV and The Globe and Mail. Regardless of what it was, in the past two hours, the UBC Election Stock Market has shifted from a 10 seat Tory lead, to a 35 Seat lead (129-94).

The traders, just like Bourque, Warren Kinsella, and Andrew Coyne, sees the implosion of the Liberal campaign, and tonight's new scandal is an uber-implosion.

Just remember Conservatives, like I said a couple of days ago, we still have to act like underdogs, and assume that everyone is waiting for you to screw up. Let the Liberals defeat themselves.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Perfect Liberal Spokesperson?

It's a surprise that the Liberals haven't picked him up as one of their spokespersons yet. He would fit in perfectly with Reid and Duffy:

Ben Johnson: I was framed in 1988

Sunday, January 01, 2006

22 Days To Go: Conservatives Slip Into The Lead

The newest Ipsos-Reid poll, as reported on Global News today, shows the Tories taking the lead 33-32 over the Liberals nationally, and 38-36 in Ontario. This follows much tighter results reported in both the last SES numbers, as well as Decima. The UBC Election Stock Market has also had it tight for the past day, roughly 33-32 for the Liberals in popular vote, but has the seat count at roughly 115-110 for the Tories today.

As I recall, at this stage of the last election in June 2004, with about three weeks to go, the Conservatives were also in this position. They have to make sure that they don't repeat the same mistakes. The number one thing to keep in their mind is to continually think and act like underdogs. Assume that everyone, especially the media, is against you and waiting for you to screw up. Keep the same campaign that you've been running the first half, and ensure that the NDP don't leak any of their vote to the Liberals. Let the Liberals defeat themselves (which they have been doing so far in this election campaign).

Saturday, December 31, 2005

What Else Do I Want in 2006?

Besides a Tory victory on January 23rd, and lots of cash and women?

There is another election in November, to elect the Mayor of Toronto. David Miller has got to go. His "reaction" to the Boxing Day shootings on Yonge Street has been totally inadequate. Instead of putting the blame where it belongs: at these gangs, criminals, and persons of a certain ethnic group who are causing all of the problems, he sympathizes with the criminals and instead blames his usual suspects: American guns, social ills and the so-called "root cause" of criminal activity etc. etc. And then he came out opposed to having cameras on the street. Right now they have absolutely no leads on who the suspects are.... cameras would provide immediate visual identification. Their usefulness has been proven over in the UK, especially after the 7/7 London bombings, and have been used to catch multiple crimes. Miller's solution to everything is more taxpayer-funded social programs.

Jane Pitfield is the first person who will be declaring her candidacy for mayor. As a right-leaning councillor, I will definitely support her over Miller. Who I would really like to run, like all other right-leaning Torontonians, is Julian Fantino. If he does, let's hope that Pitfield is smart enough to drop out, so as to not split the vote for the right.

Friday, December 30, 2005

24 Days To Go: Change in the Numbers, and New Ads

As reported on numerous other blogs, the latest SES Rolling Poll numbers has an overnight change where the Liberals have gone nationally from a 7 point lead, to a statistical tie. Because this is a 3 day rolling poll, the numbers for the Liberals last night must have been REALLY bad. (in the neighbourhood of Liberals 29% Tories 38%, according to Calgary Grit.)

There is also a marked change on the UBC Election Stock Market. Although, as of this writing, the seats market still has it as Lib 119, Con 109 (the difference of 10 is down from 16 a couple of days ago), the popular vote market has the Conservatives leading for the first time since the election campaign began, and in the majority government market, the Conservatives are leading the Libs by a statistically significant margin.

Update at 3:40 pm: The seats market is now at Conservatives 117, Liberals 114. First time EVER during this campaign that the Tories have been in the lead.

There is also a new commercial on the Conservative Party Website. On the right hand side, click on "Ad: They'll Go Neg". Looks like the Conservatives are going to try and cut the Liberals off at the pass before they start their negative campaign. Perfect timing and wording in this ad, with voters minds fresh on the income trust investigation and scandal.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

25 Days To Go: Goodale Sweating Like a Pig

I saw Peter Mansbridge's drilling of Goodale on CBC last night, and he looked like a bumbling idiot. Especially when Mansbridge asked him why his Ontario counterpart (Sorbara) resigned under similar curcumstances, and he won't.

Goodale, it doesn't matter whether you are personally guilty or not, the tradition of "ministerial accountability" says that you're responsible and should resign as long as there's suspicion of anything in your department.

And Martin claims to stand up for "Canadian Values", when he refuses to enforce the most basic tenet of the parliamentary system, ministerial accountability.

Just more proof of Liberal corruption, flip-flopping, hypocrisy, and standing up for issues only when they are most convenient for them. Hopefully voters are finally starting to pick up on this pattern with just over three weeks to go.